The Lies Are Piling Up

Want to know why we, as a people, allow all the lies and deceit in our nation's capital?

Take a look at all the lies you allow in your own home, in your workplace and in your relationships. Virtually no one is telling anyone the truth. The real reason we have so many lying, compassionless leaders is because we’ve become a nation of people who preach lies as the gospel ("the good news") and turn a blind eye to anyone who isn’t like us - which usually means white and privileged. You are part of the 1% richest in the world if you live on more than $100/day.

Karma is karma. We have attracted (raised from children) leaders who reflect who we are as a nation at heart. The priests of the almighty god "Money" have overtaken the temple! You worship it day and night. So do the people who run your country. What did you expect?

To change those who lead us change things at home first.


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