Tear Them Down

Our national conversation has turned recently to the removal of civil war statues. Some say that these are a part of our history. That removing them is erasing history itself. However as a nation our history has been systematically manipulated, deleted and is instead pure propaganda. Our children aren’t taught what we really did as a nation to gain our wealth which was to rob, pillage, enslave and murder starting with the massacre and theft of everything Native Americans owned.

Truman dropped a bomb on Nagasaki while they had been trying to surrender for 2 weeks and massacred 75,000 people to make a point - don’t mess with us. The list of un-taught, un-recognized, hidden-under-the rug US history goes on and on. Andersonville Prison, The Trail Of Tears, Wounded Knee, Azizabad, Abu Ghraib, Kandahar, My Lai - where are the statues of these events to educate our children? For every US atrocity we know about there are exponentially more than have been hidden from us.

The truth about the majority of civil war statues is that they were erected in years when white people felt black people needed extra oppressing [1]. The largest majority were constructed within a handful of years close to 1909, the year the NAACP was founded - nearly 50 years after the end of the war.

I simply cannot comprehend the pain a person of color must feel to see (and know) that symbols of hate were constructed by our government on courthouse lawns and school grounds specifically to oppress them for their skin color. Today, as was always intended, they remain symbols of oppression standing in front of our countries supposedly unbiased institutions. Worst of all it seems our government now supports white supremacy as a matter of policy. This is sickening.

Said statues are monuments to violent karmic cycles which are only cured through forgiveness, not through remembering and glorifying the past violent acts. As a species let’s be finished with the lies and the hate. Tear them down.



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