Dangerous Distractions

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

The greatest epidemic we are facing as a species is distraction. Hardly anyone can be found to be present (in the now). People are on their cell phones everywhere and feel emotionally distraught without their electronics. This is a sickness! The servant has become the master!

It shocks me to see attractive, young couples sitting at dinner staring at their phones instead of each other! Parents, addicted to tech themselves, think it’s OK to give the little children devices to make them un-present faster. It used to be that childhood was a time for kids to experience the Divine (nature, innocent relationships) first hand before society got a hold of them. Now the video games are teaching them younger and younger to find glory in violence, theft, war-mongering and every kind of destructive behavior. In a couple of years this generation of unconscious humans will be leading us….over a cliff.

MAKE time every day away from all sources of internet/telephone. MAKE time every day for the people you love, especially the children. MAKE time every day to be still and look inside yourself - that’s where God is.


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