Being 48 Years Old

Top 10 Things That Came To Mind First On The Morning My 48th Birthday

1. Whatever I think I know - I really don’t. Spirituality is always evolving or it’s dead. If I look back a decade or two most of my spiritual knowledge and faith has completely changed. Therefore I know what I believe today will be different tomorrow as long as my soul continues to grow.

2. Nothing is more important than enlightenment. If the stories are true then no other cause in life can have a higher priority than touching God. A person must use all the resources they have to investigate this path if they have even the slightest faith that it might really exist.

3. If you are a happy and joyful person, many people will be angrily jealous of your condition. Once you have learned a degree of continual communication with God it’s necessary to withdraw from worldly relationships or face ongoing heartache and conflict.

4. Anger is like touching a hot stove. Doesn’t matter if it’s a little touch or your whole hand. No matter what it burns you. Touch it with the tip of your finger and see how you suffer for days with that tiny burn! Use a little anger and see how it’s suffering weaves its way through your entire week!

5. Patience is only gained through intentionally forcing yourself to be patient. The universe is often going to put you into situations where you have to wait. This instruction is of some value. But to really have patience you have to exercise it daily by your own volition. This intentional patience practice is part of the process of becoming aware and starting down the path to enlightenment.

6. Everything in life passes away, things and people. You must be able to live without any of them and optimally not let any other person control your emotions in any way. If you look around in your life and see anything or anyone you absolutely cannot life without, you are spiritually stuck.

7. Betrayal is how the universe pushes the baby bird out of the nest to fly. When someone betrays you God expects you to immediately forgive them and move forward to your next assignment. All of the lamenting you do is wasted time and effort. Dust yourself off and prepare for a better relationship to enter your life.

8. All emotional pain comes from not doing the thing, the mission we were sent to this planet to perform. This is why so many of us hate our jobs. Look around you at all the unhappy people. Try to escape your particular brand of slavery if you are able and do the thing that makes you feel the most fulfilled.

9. Perspective is incredibly valuable. When you stop looking at your life as 70 or 80 years and start to look at it as unlimited incarnations all of your decision making changes for the better. You have as many lifetimes as you need to work out love, patience, kindness, compassion, gentleness etc which should remove your fear of death. Once you realize this is the case however, why not work it all out here and now?

10. The road to illumination is taken by the continual practice of being in the present. The moment you have the ability to recognize that your mind has run off to the past or the future, then you have started down the path to enlightenment. The very awareness that you aren’t present is the indicator that you are on the correct road!


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