I'm John T. Clark. I'm 49 years old and reside in the Central Valley of Costa Rica with my life-partner Adriana Castro. I have two children, Silas (11) and Zemira (9). 


I spent much of my career in the product development, placement and marketing fields working with an incredible variety of clients including many Fortune 500 retail chains and manufacturers.

I'm also a former pastor, college/youth and children's minister for more than 20 years. I left organized religion 16+ years ago in search of greater truths and methods to help live a more abundant life.

I had a mentor, R. Brooks Fleig, for 25 years of my life. He was the chaplain for our local police and sheriff's departments and led several churches as pastor during the time I knew him. The one thing I could count on from him was unadulterated truth. He didn't tell me what I wanted to know - he told me what I needed to hear. 

Today I passionately do this same thing for others - point them to truth in their own lives.